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So what is TradeIt all about?

TradeIt.co.nz is a free information site designed to benefit the growing TradeMe and online auction community in New Zealand. We feature numerous articles, reviews, videos and links on TradeMe, related topics and the online auction phenomena!

How did this website come about?
We have been avid trademe members for years and are really passionate about the site. We've watched TradeMe's progress closely and have been interested in everything we could learn about online auctions around the world. With so many members, we thought there would at least be one main website with good information about online auctions, TradeMe and its history...but we couldn't find anything. We've picked up a lot of knowledge and insights ourselves, so we thought, why not create it ourselves!

In our research we discovered more and more about TradeMe's inspiring story. Find out more in the History section. We encountered a thriving secondary market that has developed alongside TradeMe. There are some very innovative companies that support traders with a broad range of services from software to help with relisting auctions, to consignment sellers who will sell your stuff on trademe for you! More exciting examples can be found in the Trader Services section.

In the media we are now starting to hear more of traders making serious money with trademe businesses. We thought it would be interesting to delve into this "underground" world to highlight the successes of traders and perhaps inspire others to consider the same. We also have a special Selling Tips section for the sellers with useful information from top trademe sellers.

Its interesting to see the effect online auctions have had on the NZ culture with around 1/3 of the New Zealand population a member of the site. Some say TradeMe is the country's largest garage sale - in online format! The TradeMe messageboard is always a hive of activity 24 hours a day, and a snapshot of public sentiment in good times and bad. On the flipside there is even a TradeMe Addicts Anonymous group online!

Logging onto TradeMe has become a daily way of life for us, and hundreds of thousands of other members. So why not have a place where we can learn more about the site! We are here to help, educate and support the TradeMe community. We aim to document lots of interesting TradeMe-related articles, videos, links, facts, and info on complimentary products and services. If you'd like to learn more about TradeMe, its culture and its history - this is the place to be!

We hope you enjoy the site! : )


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