Services - Consignment Sellers

Consignment selling is big business in the USA on eBay, but it has been slow to catch on here in New Zealand. But slowly more and more traders are offering consignment services.

What does consignment mean?
Simply put, a trademe member will sell your stuff on TradeMe for you. They will photograph the item, write an ad and deal with the buyer by organising courier or providing pickup facilities. This is great for people who are not familiar with TradeMe or lack the time to organise an auction and deal with buyers. Consignment sellers charge a commission fee for their service on top of the relevant TradeMe fees. Before the auction you and the seller agree a minimum sales price that you will accept for your item.

Consignment selling is handy for both private individuals and businesses. Perhaps you are moving house, or just having a big clear out. Why not send your excess items to a consignment seller. They do the work and you simply collect your money when the item sells! Perhaps you have lots of excess stock from your business that you don't want to sell thru your traditional sales channels? A consignment seller can help!

Generally, it is only feasible to deal with a consignment seller in your local area. This is because the item has to either be picked up or dropped off. We have provided info on the location of each business. Some will even come to your home and pick up the items from you but be sure to check with them. Consignment selling is better suited to items with a minimum sale price of at least $50, although some sellers may deal with lower value items if you have a large volume to sell. Have a browse on the websites below. Many of your questions can be answered by checking out the FAQ sections.

A very organised consignment seller with expertise in shifting excess stock for businesses as well as private sellers.
Location: North Shore, Auckland
TradeMe ID: trademystuff_nz

Online Traders NZ
Check out their website for great information on the entire sale process and how it all works. OTNZ are licenced second-hand dealers, and specialise in selling your second hand furniture.
Location: Hastings
TradeMe ID: dedlin

These guys mean business! A very professional approach to consignment selling. The TradeRunner team service the Christchurch region and now are in Auckland. Plans to expand with franchises nationwide. Mike Pero is an investor so you know they will look after you with great service.
Location: Christchurch and Auckland
TradeMe ID: traderunner