Interesting Auctions

Here we showcase some of the more interesting auctions posted on TradeMe. The media loves a great bogus auction and these have all been featured on the evening news at some point. Unfortunately auction pictures are automatically removed from the listing after 45 days. Be sure to read question and answer section at the bottom of each auction!

Time Machine


1x 60 Second Hug

Helen Clarks Childhood Car

Streakers Bikini

Tanas Handbag


Virgin Mary Pebble

Red Paperclip

Smoker Habit

Speeding Ticket

Film Studio puts stardom up for sale

Removed Auctions

These were popular auctions that unfortunately are no longer accesible. TradeMe had to remove them from public view for various reasons. All we have now are the memories....

One of the most amusing auctions to date. A user attempted to auction Australia the country. With well over 200,000 page views, this was one of the most popular TradeMe auctions.

Optus B1 Satellite
When SKY TV had a malfunction with their Optus satellite hundreds of thousands of customers were without their TV for over 24 hours. The auction is not available to view anymore. It was posted by Ben Gracewood. It may be of interest to read about Ben posting the auction on the Geekzone Forums: