Other Online Auctions Sites in NZ

As soon as the media picked up on some early successes of TradeMe, new online auction websites started emerging. Unfortunately this was at a time when TradeMe was growing so rapidly that no other website really stood a chance. TradeMe went thru periods of doubling membership growth every few months, and it was increasing exponentially.

With the news of TradeMe's triumphant sale to Fairfax, a flood of new websites came online. Several were advertising on TV and it seemed every man and his dog wanted to be the next Sam Morgan. Some wondered how TradeMe was so successful as it was just a "website". Many a developer had a crack at their own version and put it online hoping for the money to roll in. But a successful auction website is not about the physical website, its about the business behind it and how the market supports it. All sites need traffic, and most new sites simply sit out in the internet without gaining any traction.

Over the years we have watched many contenders come and go. Some have been very promising. Some were doomed from the start with flawed models, or poor design. Others started well but lost traction after a few months. Below we highlight several of the runners up, and we also list links to many of the smaller sites hoping to make it big.

Runners Up

Zillion follows in second place behind TradeMe. The site is well designed and has many innovative features. Membership is approximately 60,000.

This site was the first serious site to go against TradeMe. They advertised on late night Television and steadily grew their membership. Unfortunately the site was extremely out of date, hard to use and lacked the buzz.


Another contender to enter the fray. SMF'd vision is not to be the biggest site but namely as an online advertising. With a corporate feel. They do a lot of advertising such as buses. The site is more suited to the person who wants to sell their lawnmower rateher that professional sellers.

Interesting Auction Concepts

Webuy have an interesting concept behind them. When you sign up you receive shares in the business. You can also earm more shares by promoting the site, and listing lots of products. If the site makes any money within 3 years you can share in a small part of it.

One Way operates on a similar "community ownership" concept of WeBuy. Members all share in the success fees that the site earns. When you introduce a new member you receive a percentage of any success fees they pay. Also, you earn a percentage of the success fees of any member that your friend introduces to the site. It works sort of like network marketing where you have a downline and everybody shares in the profits with those at the top earning the most. The site is worth a look and seems to be a busy auction market with lots of extra features. One to watch!

More Contenders

There are more New Zealand online auction contenders. With the success of the TradeMe sale there was an influx of new websites all hoping to cash in. Over the years there have been at least 100 trademe wannabes. Here are a few links...




This section is for sites that are no longer operating. Most of their links don't work now but we have retained them for historical benefit :)


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