Earliest News Articles on TradeMe

Some are the very first articles written about TradeMe when it was a brand new site. Its interesting to see how it all started.

2001 NZ Internet Awards Winners Announced
Scoop - 3 Oct 2001

TradeMe battles competing auction site again
Computerworld - 14 Aug 2001

TradeMe ponders action over harvested email addresses
Computerworld - 16 July 2001

Auction site offers adverts for small firms
Computerworld - 3 Aug 2000

Online auction success stuns PC Rentals boss
Computerworld - 27 Sep 1999

Short article written by Sam Morgan of the news section of TradeMe

Site of the Week, TV1 Breakfast - 25 April 1999
Trade Me was chosen as site of the week last week on TV1's breakfast show. Thanks very much TV1. As a result, Trade Me saw the best growth yet on Friday with 50 new members, bringing the total membership to 550. The amount of traffic each day has been growing steadily with more than 800 unique vistors on Friday alone.

Sharp contrast to the 1.9 million members they have now!

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