Community Views - Blogs

TradeMe has a lot of customers, but what do they think of the site? We have links to several noteworthy blogs which discuss TradeMe happenings and the NZ internet space in general.

Michael Carney
Author of the highly successful book TradeMe Success Secrets - now in its second edition. A must read for TradeMe users!

Rowan Simpson
Rowan previously worked at TradeMe and now has a leading role in Xero the Accounting software provider, which Sam Morgan now invests in.

Lance Wiggs
Extremely knowledgable discussion on TradeMe, Ebay and online auctions in general. There is at least 30 articles over 3 pages. We recommend delving to the previous pages. Links at bottom of each page. Great articles!

Nigel Ramsay
Creator of the TradeMe Gadgets Site

Tony Hughes
Discussion on technology and internet issues in NZ

Nigel Parker
"The Outside Line" Blog with views from the NZ net community

Auctionitis TradeMe Software Blog
Give notice of product updates and general auctionitis news

Snipesoft TradeMe Software Blog
Keep an eye on this blog. Some great things to come from this company