TradeMe QuickFacts

Did you know.....

• TradeMe was started in April 1999 by Sam Morgan from his fathers laptop

• Jesse Morgan, Sams sister was his first employee. She is now operations manager at TradeMe.

• Sam was featured on One News very soon after the 1999 launch.

• TradeMe recently celebrated their 9th birthday!

• TradeMe nows has over 1 million auctions online at any one time

• TradeMe members list 80,000 new auctions every day.

• TradeMes top trader is bargainsdirect with over 70,000 positive feedbacks and 37,000 feedbacks from individual members

• TradeMe once cancelled 20,000 memberships. These were for international members outside of New Zealand and Australia. They decided to restrict worldwide access due to the fraud risk associated with overseas members in far-off countries.

• Ebay gave up on its NZ online auction site in 2004. Its still up at but looks a little sick.

• TradeMe once cancelled memberships of all under 18 users, because legally a minor cannot partake in an auction which is a legal contract. This affected several thousand members, approximately 0.03% of their membership base.

• TradeMe had 100,000 members and the end of 2003, by the end of the next year 2004 they had 500,000! Thats phenomenal growth!

• TradeMe now has over 1.9 million members, over 1/3 of the NZ population

• Sam once listed the TradeMe business for sale on eBay with a "buy now" price of about $1 million. He didn't attract any bids before eBay withdrew the auction, at $1million it would have been a steal!

• TradeMe do a daily backup of the website which takes 7 hours! They are trailling some new software that will allow backups in half the time: 3.5 hours. Thats a lot of auctions to backup!

eBay dominates online auctions in every country around the world except Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand!



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