Software for serious traders! Ranging from simple auction relisting programs to fully computerised invoicing and order management systems. Click thru to read more about features.

A great software program that can automatically load your auctions up to TradeMe every night.

New Software package coming out shortly from the people at Auctionitis. Manage the after Sales process.

Software to manage the loading of your auctions to TradeMe

New company devoted to innovative and streamlined integration for professional Trade Me sellers. Manages all aspects of trading on trademe from auction loading to aftersales management. Fully computerised system.

Easy Lister
An automatic listing tool from Snipesoft Ltd designed for small to medium volume users. Will be launched soon

Trade Tracker
New automated tool for after sales trade management. Eliminates the need to send any emails to buyers. Buyers log in to an automated system to notify you when they pay etc. Definitiely one to watch.