User Groups

Here we have links to various TradeMe and related product user groups, discussion boards and online clubs such as the group dubbed "TM Addicts Anonymous"

The TradeMe Message Board
NZ's largest message board. If you want to see what the country is talking about check out the TM Message board. Even if you don't participate its fascinating to watch.

TradeMe Gadgets Google User Group
Get tips and talk with other TradeMe gadgets users. Remember to download your free TradeMe gadgets at this link:

Bebo - TradeMe Addicts Anonymous
With over 800 members it’s a growing club. Chat with other traders who are as crazy about Trademe as you are.

TradeMe Mummies Bebo group
Lots of Mums use TradeMe each day

A TradeMe website that allows you to connect with old school buddies, and workmates